Too Hard, Too Busy, Too Expensive... What Is Your Excuse?

We are all surrounded by many opportunities to do whatever we want. Getting fit, losing weight, and live a healthy life is flooding with information, tips, and tools available over the internet. But despite the range of options available to us why do we sometimes keep putting it off?

Too often I hear people saying how they always wanted to do something but that they kept putting it off or that they really wanted to get into shape but never been able to find the time and energy for it. There never seems to be the right time. Or the fear comes in the way- fear of pain, discomfort, the inability (too hard). And sometimes financial issues come in the way. Too expensive, I can’t afford it, etc.

Here are some tips to put it back on!

Time is our most valuable commodity:

With so little time available, time runs by so quickly, and then one day it all feels too late. Too late to get in shape, become healthier, train for that marathon, or start that business you been dreaming about.

This is true for a different range of things in our lives whether it comes to our health or other life goals.

We tend to waste time on things that don’t matter much to us instead of investing in things that do matter and make us feel happier.

Well, we need to start somewhere and to invest some time in figuring out what we want and what matters to us is time well spent.

If you want to become healthier it might be that you need to block out some time in your diary to fit in a workout session or game of tennis at the local tennis club.

Do you know that one hour of workout is just 4% of your day to inv

est in your fitness and health?

Invest time instead of just managing time:

But what if you really don’t have enough time? There are just not enough hours of the day for you to focus on the things that matter and that would make your life move forward in a direction that you want.

I started

by looking if there was a time during the day where I spent time on things that didn’t matter much to me. An example was watching TV. I asked myself could I watch TV an hour or two less and use that time for something that would be more meaningful to me? By doing things that matter,

I naturally started to feel more energized and replenished.

I encourage everyone to find the time. Think to yourself if not now, then when?

At the end of the day, we all have the same number of hours available to us but some people have learned to utilize them

more to their advantage than others (more commitment and motivation?)

I often ask myself, why do we find it so easy to invest in projects at work but not when it comes to ourselves. As with work, for things to move forward and for results to occur we need to spend time working on it. The same is true for our personal goals and dreams achieving them will take time, work, and dedication.

To-do list for your life is key

I found that what most productive people do is that they have a “To-do list” not just for work but also for their private life. The list normally has deadlines to ensure that it gets done in a timely manner. This may sound like it will give you less freedom in your life but I personally found that the opposite to be true. I believe scheduling and to-do lists are key to success in any area of our life and getting things that matter to us ticked off will not only make us feel more satisfied it will also make us less stressed. Hey if you really enjoy watching TV you can schedule in time for that but it doesn’t have to mean that you have no time to pursue other things that matter to you.

Invest time in you.

Both short and long-term scheduling is the key to success. Create a timeline for projects and goals whether it’s getting fitter and healthier and/or start a business with smaller milestones and time frames when you want to reach them. You’ve heard the saying before if you don’t plan you plan to fail. So start where you are, use what you have and do what you can, an

d enjoy reaching your dreams and goals one by one. Say yes to opportunities even though you don’t think you are ready. Enjoy the process of change and growth and learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Invest time in yourself.

Every day is a new opportunity for you to align your life with your goals and your health.

Embrace it!

Money is not an issue:

If you are not going to invest money in your health while it is good, then you will end up spending more while you are not well.

Cut down on unnecessary spending and make yourself a priority. How much do you spend on coffee shops a week, or how much does it cost you to get takeaway food for the kids?

There are a lot of options for you out there that will not cost you much. If you are after more specialized programs discuss payment options or choose plans that suit your budget.

Invest in your good health now, so you don’t end up spending more on drugs and medication later.

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Do you have any other tips for finding time to look after your health and work towards your goals?

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