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Are you sitting yourself to Death!

The Postural Ergonomic Solution

Sitting Disease is a modern-day health epidemic associated with prolonged sitting in poor posture.  If this sounds like you, then you could be suffering. 


You sit at a desk all day at work, then you go home from a long workday and check your social media and watch TV.  After watching a couple of shows you go to bed and repeat the same sedentary behaviors tomorrow.  You end up sitting 8-12 hours per day and sleeping another 8.  Resulting in 16-20 hours of inactivity. 


Before you know it you have gained weight, you feel exhausted after a day at work, your back hurts, and you can see your health diminishing right before your eyes.  You want to make changes, you wish you could be more active, but your job requires you to work at a desk.  So you keep sitting yourself sick. 


Did you know that prolonged sitting in poor posture predisposes you to depression, neck and back pain, obesity, chronic disease, and even early mortality?  Men and women who sit more than 6 hours per day are more likely to die early than active individuals.   


If your job requires you to be seated, don’t worry, there is a solution to overcome Sitting Disease that doesn’t require you to quit your job.             


The Postural Ergonomic Solution


Postural Ergonomics is the solution to synergistically transform your workplace and your health.  The purpose of Postural Ergonomics is to improve your function, posture, and cognition within your workplace so you can be more active and productive while taking care of your body. 


Postural Ergonomics will take care of you in your workplace with your unique needs.  You can schedule a consultation at the studio, or we can come to you and perform an On-Site Ergonomic Evaluation in your workplace. 

Virtual Workspace Assessment can also be arranged.


Posture is declining at the speed of technology and modern-day workers are getting fat faster and sicker quicker.  If you don’t take an active stand for your health, then no one else will.  We have designed solutions to help you overcome Sitting Disease.   


Find the solution that is best for you and your business by contacting Maisa, Certified Ergonomist, and an expert in Postural Ergonomics. 

Image by Dylan Sauerwein