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Old habits die hard. You will be thrilled with how much control you will gain on your body. with our approach in Pilates and Fitness, you will go through a mind-body transformation and the results… Amazing strength from the inside-out, improved posture, ability to manage your aches and pains that can be caused by old daily habitual movement, and above all, a mindful movement in everyday life activities. And not to mention...

Feeling good and confident in your skin.

"In 10 Days you will FEEL the difference
            In 20, you will SEE the difference…
                               and In 30, you will have a NEW BODY

Joseph Pilates


Look Better

Move Better

Feel Better!


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Start easy then tune up

For a successful practice, learn the foundation of Pilates first.

Yoga Position 6

Proper preparation

You can’t strengthen a bent tree, we work on your posture to prepare you to the next step.

Yoga Position 2

Too fit to quit

Being fit is a commitment to your health and yourself. Fit people, never quit.

Yoga Position 3

Decide, Commit, Succeed

Your success is an outcome of your 100% commitment to your self

Yoga Position 7

Exercise until the body obeys

With Pilates, you will learn how to be in control of your body!

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Use it or lose it

You will find yourself using muscles you didn’t think they exist in your body




 Maisa has a lot of experience in the Pilates method and was able to identify the areas that I most needed work on in order to achieve my personal goals. This was really invaluable, as it meant that we really worked on the areas that I wanted to improve – and I did improve a lot. I continue to see improvements coming as time goes on.

Kaye R

"Maisa is an incredible Pilates instructor. Not sure how she remembers all the exercises she gives to individual clients, and how she seems to extend everyone each week, but she does. There is lots of variety in the routines to keep you interested and all the equipment is in great condition. Also, you can have a laugh with Maisa as she tortures your body....she makes pain and sweating fun!"


“Maisa provides highly personalized sessions that I look forward to every week. She is professional, friendly and highly knowledgeable. She is able to explain and demonstrates the principles of Pilates in easy to understand terms and the exercises have both strengthened and toned my body. I start my week feeling stretched and energized and am able to use the principles she has taught me at home as well.”


Our Mission

To strengthen and invigorate people, in the body, mind, and spirit. To give customers a unique transformation and feel better through creating awareness and education about their body, and helping them move with ease and freedom in their daily life activities, by providing superior training programs that cater to our customers’ individual needs.“

Focused on Wellness

Welcome to Northern Pilates. Here, we combine traditional with more modern methodologies to promote marked improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing.

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