Large Universal Mat Kit

Large Universal Mat Kit

The Earthing Universal Mat is one of our most versatile and effective products as it can be used almost anywhere in your home or office. Use it to connect to the Earth’s limitless supply of antioxidant producing electrons, discharge electrical stress and restore your body to its natural electrical state to facilitate homeostasis and self-healing.

  • Additional Information

    How can I use a Universal Earthing Mat/Grounding Pad?

    • While working at a computer – place the mat either under your computer keyboard and mouse, or beneath your bare feet on the floor (or for best results both)
    • On chairs or couches or under your feet so you can stay grounded while watching TV, eating a meal or reading a book, Kindle or iPad
    • If you don't have an Earthing Sheet of Earthing Sleep Mat  you can use the Earthing Universal Mat/ Grounding Pad while in bed and you can place a light cotton sheet over the mat if you would prefer not to have the rubber against your skin.
    • You can use your Earthing Mat/ Grounding Pad as a Pet Pad for your anmials to sleep on. This is especially beneficial for older animals who are suffering from inflammatory diseases including arthritis.
    • Under your feet in the kitchen while you are doing the dishes or preparing a meal

    Benefits of Earthing In The Office

    • less fatigue
    • better concentration
    • reduce stess
    • less pain 
    • protection from EMF's, as by working grounded you will greatly reduce the electrical voltage you are being exposed to

    Other Benefits Of Earthing

    Earthing or grounding, makes use of free electrons from the Earth to re-balance your body, stabilise it's bio-electrical system and fight free radicals. Published research on Earthing indicates that a broad array of favorable health-related results including:

    • better sleep
    • reduction of inflammation and pain
    • improved blood flow
    • normalizing effect on the stress hormone cortisol
    • calming effects on the nervous system

    Do I need to be touching the Universal Earthing Mat/Grounding Pad with bare skin for it to work properly?

    While it is not essential to have bare skin against the mat it is preferable. Why? You will still be Earthed if there is a layer of clothing between you and the mat, however, the effectiveness will vary depending on factors such as the thickness of the clothes and perspiration which acts as a conductor. For maximum grounding bare skin usually works best. 

    Universal Mat Features

    The Universal Mat is made of 100% eco friendly and recyclable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers). It's PVC-free and Latex free, anti-skid and odorless

    • TPE material is UV resistant, lightweight, PVC free, chloride free, latex free and uses non-toxic materials in its production

    • Closed cell construction prevents germs from absorbing into the mat 

    • Recyclable

    • Soft, leathery feel

  • Instructions

    Step 1: Check Your Outlets Are Earthed 

    In order to use your Earthing product, you must connect it to the “earth port” of a grounded 3 prong outlet. Before plugging in your Earthing product, you must check that the outlet is grounded by plugging in a power outlet tester.

    Three orange lights illuminated is GOOD and means that you have a proper earth and you are ready to connect your Earthing product. Any other light combination means your outlet is NOT properly earthed and you should consult an electrician. Otherwise you will need to use a grounding rod in the optional step 2 below.

    Step 2: Using The Ground Rod When Outlets Aren't Grounded

    1. First Push the Ground Rod directly into the earth 20 to 25cm close to the foundation of the building.
    2. Run the cord from the Ground Rod, under or around a window or door, near where you will be using your product.
    3. Make sure to cover the cord to prevent tripping. 
    4. Plug the prong end of your cord into the receptical end of the Ground Rod cord. If you live in a dry area, such as a desert, soak the earth around the Ground Rod from time to time for maximum conductivity.

    Step 3: Setting Up The Universal Mat

    1. Decide where you want to use the mat. Your options include most anyplace where you work, sit, relax, rest, or sleep. 
    2. Attach snap end of Earthing cord to snap nub on mat.
    3. Insert prong end of Earthing cord into one hole in the earthing adapter plug supplied, or into Earthing ground rod cord if you use a ground rod connection. The mat is conductive on the snap side only.
    4. Ideally you should have bare skin contact with the connected mat, but you can also use Grounding Wearable Socks as these are conductive. Otherwise if wearing light fabric socks, once slight perspiration builds up on the feet it will allow the electrons to flow through from the mat, through your socks and to your feet.

    Step 4: How To Test For Conductivity With The Product Continuity Tester

    Not All Products Come Standard With a Continutiy Tester. 

    The purpose of the tester is to verify that your Earthing Mat is conductive. To verify that the Product Tester is working, press down on the button that says “press” and then release. The light on front will flash green once and then go off. This indicates tester is good. (If no green light  then replace the battery Lithium CR2032.)

    1. Snap Coil Cord included onto Product Tester’s metal press stud, if not already assembled.
    2. Insert your Earthing Adapter Plug into the power outlet you intend to use with your product.
    3. Insert prong end of Product Tester Cord into one receptacle of the adapter plug or if using a Ground Rod, attach a splitter to end of ground rod cord and insert into one of the receptacles.
    4. Plug the straight cord from Mat into the other receptacle. You should now have both the Earthing Mat and Tester connected to the same plug that is in a power outlet.
    5. Place product tester flat on the mat. The round metal plate must be in contact with surface of the mat. Press firmly on the mat to obtain a good contact and press down on the "Press" button. A green light means that mat is in working order. In unlikely case that no green light comes on, the mat may be defective or has lost conductivity and should be replaced – you should also check your connecting cords to make sure they are conductive as well :

    Test Your Product Cords For Conductivity: Replace the coil cord already on the product tester with the cord to be tested. Touch the metal pin of the testing cord to the back of the metal disk on the tester.  Hold down and press the “Press” button for at least 3 seconds. A green light indicates that the cord is in good working order. 

    Step 5: How To Wash and Care For Your Earthing Mat

    To clean the mat, simply wipe down the mat using a non corrosive cleaner. Do not use chlorine bleach or liquid fabric softener, or any detergent containing bleach or fabric softener, chemicals that can ruin the conductivity of the mat. Do not apply lotions, creams, or oils to the skin before bedtime on parts of your body that will be in contact with the Earthing mat. Such substances oxidize and can damage conductivity. Air dry the mat only.

  • Specifications

    The Large Universal Mat Kit Includes:

    • 1 x Universal Mat  - 32 cm x 98 cm
    • 1 x Straight Cord - 4.5m
    • 1 x Earthing Adapter Plug

    Technical Specifications

    The thin black top conductive layer is the layer that your body makes contact with. It is made of PU (Polyurethane) leather. Leather look-alike items made with polyurethane (PU) are very consumer friendly and safe unlike older PVC leathers. Our PU Leather is vinyl free, and platelet free.

    The thin black layer of PU leather is infused with carbon. Carbon is the 2nd most abundant element in the human body after oxygen. The carbon is what conducts the earth's energy. It also makes the leather flame-resistant naturally without the use of harsh flame-resistant chemicals. The PU Leather would not be conductive without the addition of carbon.

    The bottom or non- conductive layer is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) closed cell foam. This is among the safest foam used. It is latex and PVC free. This is the same foam used in footwear, and even in children’s foam toys. have sourced eco-friendly and non-toxic materials to provide our customers with a safe and premium quality grounding product.

    In case of lightning

     Although it is highly unlikely that you will be hit by lightning, it is recommended to follow standard lightning safety guidelines as directed by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and disconnect your Earthing devices (along with electrical devices) during lightning and thunderstorms.

  • Warranty

    We offer a 2 year repair or replace warranty on our genuine Earthing products, which covers any defects that may inhibit your products from Earthing effectively. This warranty does not cover cosmetic imperfections that may appear after normal use and washing, that DON'T affect the product’s Earthing effectiveness. Earthing products must be used and cared for in accordance with the care instructions we include with all Earthing.

    Please click here to read more about our warranty policy.

  • Shipping

    Orders are shipped at a flat rate of AUD $9.95 Australia wide using standard E-parcel with Australia Post


    All orders are dispatched within 12-36 hours of payment, during normal business hours Monday to Friday from metro Sydney, except on public holidays.

    Delivery Times

    2 – 3 business days to Eastern Capital Cities and major metropolitan areas. WA, NT, TAS and country regional areas may take 3-5 more business days.




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